Qilana Holy Stone


item tooltip

Qilana Holy Stone
Bring back 8 [Qilana Holy Stone] from the [Valley Stinker].


Quest-Level: 10
get with: 19
deliver with: 20
visible till: 30
start: [Ottade]
end: Unknown


experience points: 1502
talent points: 150
gold: 0
item to choose: items:

quest description

Bring back 8 [Qilana Holy Stone] from the [Valley Stinker].


zone map OttadeValley Stinker

Order of the quest

We are in trouble now. Eight of the [Qilana Holy Stone] that were embedded into the skull are missing.

It is said that these holy stones were granted to us by the holy Besta. If even one is missing, the sacred object is incomplete, let alone if so many stones are gone!

This is terrible! You must help me again! The Qilana Stones must have been removed by the [Valley Stinker] who took the skull. Please help me get them back!

description while the quest is startet

You still haven't found all of them? This is really worrying!

The holy stones must have been taken out by the [Valley Stinker]. You can find them between the camp and the Derelict Mine.

quest end

Oh! This is wonderful. The Qilana Stones are back!

Now I can finally return it to [Digger]. It took weeks of pleading before he lent this holy object to me. If I were to return it with the stones missing, I would be facing severe punishment, especially as he's the shaman's only student.

I will give you some of the goods I sell for all your trouble! They may be of help on your adventures.

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