Unique Explosives


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Unique Explosives
Help Old [Layren] the Hunter gather 17 measures of [Undigested Food] from the stomachs of [Giant Hoof Reindeer].


Quest-Level: 23
get with: 30
deliver with: 33
visible till: 42
start: [Layren]
end: Unknown


experience points: 8048
talent points: 804
gold: 3267
item to choose:

quest description

Help Old [Layren] the Hunter gather 17 measures of [Undigested Food] from the stomachs of [Giant Hoof Reindeer].


zone map LayrenGiant Hoof ReindeerReindeer

Order of the quest

Well, you gathered the [Iron Mosses] very quickly, indeed. So I'll give you the next mission. This mission is significantly more difficult, but I believe you are capable of accomplishing it.

I need some special materials with which to fill the [Layren Bomb].... Ah, what does that face mean? What I'm talking about isn't the simple gunpowder that even a three-year-old child would know about. What I'm talking about is composed of a special mixture of various plant parts all blended together. It isn't easy to blend these ingredients correctly, but I know where you can go to get them all quite easily - the belly of a [Giant Hoof Reindeer]!

Yes, you heard right...the [Giant Hoof Reindeer] of Dragonfang Ridge don't have much of a selection, so they tend to eat the same thing all the time. Because of this, their stomachs are the most efficient and natural blender. So, I need you to go get me 17 measures of [Undigested Food] from [Giant Hoof Reindeer]!

description while the quest is startet

You say you can't bear to kill those lovable reindeer, do you? Well, there is one other option; you could just directly collect the ingredients I need from their droppings...

quest end

Do you have them there in your hand? Good! Let's fill the barrel with the stuff...

Oh dear...your hands really do stink...I didn't remind you to put on some gloves before getting those ingredients, did I? ...Oh, well...nothing can be done now...I'm just saying that, right now, you smell like a reindeer....

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