Another Key


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Another Key
Obtain [Silver Key] from [Wild Blade - Ardise].


Quest-Level: 6
get with: 14
deliver with: 16
visible till: 24
start: [Oddleg]
end: Unknown


experience points: 1093
talent points: 109
gold: 1756
item to choose: items:

quest description


zone map OddlegWild Blade - Ardise

Order of the quest

As for this... let me take a look...

[Blaine's] treasure records show that the entrance to the treasure room requires a [Silver Key], which is in the possession of the bandit [Wild Blade - Ardise].

No wonder [Blaine] hasn't excavated the treasure yet - he hasn't found the other key!

Go young one! Go get that Silver Key! I can almost smell the treasure already!

description while the quest is startet

Treasure... Haha...

I see the treasure is beckoning.

quest end

All the keys have finally been gathered!

Hee hee... perhaps I've said too much! I'm not going anywhere in this condition, so go and get the treasure yourself... Don't forget to let me take a peek at it when you find it! I've been searching for this treasure my whole life...

Go young adventurer... Find that treasure...

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