Applause for them


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Applause for them
Go to Ayat Clan for [Maybeli Mamila] and get 10 [Stone Carvings].


Quest-Level: 41
get with: 49
deliver with: 51
visible till: 59
start: [Maybeli Mamila]
end: Unknown


experience points: 142367
talent points: 14236
gold: 4502

quest description

Go to Ayat Clan for [Maybeli Mamila] and get 10 [Stone Carvings].


zone map Maybeli MamilaStone CarvingStone CarvingStone Carving

Order of the quest

You seem to object to me collecting shells and carvings. Why is listening to their sounds so objectionable?

You don't object? Your eyes say you're just like those patrolling guards who give me nothing but trouble!

Do you think what I'm doing is meaningless?

If that's not what you meant, then go to the Tiktaalik village and get 10 [Stone Carvings]. I'll explain the carvings to you and show you that, as a collector, I have an important mission.

description while the quest is startet

Don't tell me you couldn't even find [Stone Carvings]!

Calm down and look around, and you'll see how great they are.

quest end

Yes! These!

Look at these engravings. Every single one was carved by hand.

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