The Secret of the Spirit of Tempest Height


item tooltip

The Secret of the Spirit of Tempest Height
Bring [Magic Power Absorption Stone] to [Macy Faidley] in Obsidian Stronghold.


get with: 5
deliver with: 10
start: [Julius Faidley]
end: [Macy Faidley]


experience points: 97
talent points: 9
gold: 151

quest description

Bring [Magic Power Absorption Stone] to [Macy Faidley] in Obsidian Stronghold.


zone map Julius FaidleyMacy Faidley

Order of the quest

A few days ago, following the [Magic Power Absorption Stone's] reaction I came to this Rune Pillar. I noticed how it suddenly absorbed great amounts of energy. Surely this is somehow connected to the secret of Spirit of Tempest Height.

Having been here for a few days, I noticed some patterns in its magical behavior. At the 8th hour in the night demons appear at the pillar. One hour later it's like they are sent through the pillar to another world again and disappear without any traces.

I speculate that this pillar is a transport circle to another world, but how do I find out how it works? Maybe I can do some trades with these monsters... Oh, what am I thinking, they would surely kill me.

You, traveler, look like you are quite talented. Maybe you have some time to help us a little and go to the other side of the transport circle? Maybe you can find unknown treasures there.

Oh right! I will stay here for a while, so could you do me a little favor and bring this [Magic Power Absorption Stone] to my sister Macy in Spirit of Tempest Height.

description while the quest is startet

Shush! The demons will soon appear!
If they notice us, we will better run, so better be careful.

quest end

What? You say brother found a dimensional transport circle? This is a great finding!

With this [Magic Power Absorption Stone], our research has made great progress.

Uh, I have nothing special with me, I can only give you this.
I hope our paths will cross again in future.

Quest requirement