Thorny Individuals


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Thorny Individuals
Find [Maybeli Mamila] of the ecological research team to ask him for information.


Quest-Level: 41
get with: 49
deliver with: 51
visible till: 59
start: [Mavate Daviny]
end: [Maybeli Mamila]


experience points: 142367
talent points: 14236
gold: 4502
item to choose:

quest description

Find [Maybeli Mamila] of the ecological research team to ask him for information.


zone map Mavate DavinyMaybeli Mamila

Order of the quest

We don't strictly control the activities of the villagers here. We just advise that they don't go near where the Tiktaaliks live. We do this so that they feel safer, while not making them feel too stressed out.

But when we come across those that are determined to ignore that advice, the situation gets thorny...

Madame [Dajen Lege] lost her husband so she personally went out to get revenge on the Tiktaaliks, and the ecology research team members... it seems none of them abide by our advice - they're always moving about around the Tiktaalik's settlements. This ends up spreading out the guards too thinly.

When you were resisting the Tiktaaliks before, did you notice that they give off harmonic soundwaves when they communicate?

If we could understand those sounds, maybe we could understand their unusual actions.

I think I know who could help decipher them... I think you can already guess... It is the ecology research team...

I remember the member of the ecology research team that is closest to the village is [Maybeli Mamila]. You can ask [Loley Yingli] about his whereabouts. Good luck!

description while the quest is startet

Tiktaaliks... When will you create carvings like you used to?

quest end

Oh? Stranger, did I hear that right?

The valiant lieutenant [Mavate Daviny] asked you to find me?

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