Priceless Treasure


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Priceless Treasure
Take care of [Dilan Huar] while [Dilar Yeli] studies the [Weeping Coast Soundgathering Conch with Guwa's sound].


Quest-Level: 41
get with: 49
deliver with: 51
visible till: 59
start: [Dilar Yeli]
end: [Dilan Huar]


experience points: 142367
talent points: 14236
gold: 2251

quest description


zone map Dilar YeliDilan Huar

Order of the quest

This [Weeping Coast Soundgathering Conch with Guwa's sound] is very useful. I collected a lot of them when I was researching the soundwaves of Tiktaaliks.

When they're getting ready to cook the fish they caught, they will make a "jia-pen" sound and when they want to sculpt they will make a "way-tu" sound, also...

Also why am I telling you this... You're just a traveler delivering something on your way by.

But the [Weeping Coast Soundgathering Conch with Guwa's sound] you're holding... I didn't hear wrong did I?

It is the sound of Tiktaaliks! And the way he is talking doesn't sound quite like the others.

Don't let me rejoice to soon but this may let me break through the barriers to my research!

While I study the contents of the [Weeping Coast Soundgathering Conch with Guwa's sound], can you help me take care of [Dilan Huar] for a bit?

Whatever method you use, just don't let her make a lot of noise around me...

quest end

Uncle [Dilar Yeli] always says people are too noisy!

He sent you away too?


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