Research Analysis


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Research Analysis
Listen to [Dilar Yeli's] research analysis of the [Weeping Coast Soundgathering Conch with Guwa's sound].


Quest-Level: 41
get with: 49
deliver with: 51
visible till: 59
start: [Dilar Yeli]
end: Unknown


experience points: 142367
talent points: 14236
gold: 2251

quest description


zone map Dilar Yeli

Order of the quest

[Dilan Huar's] ability to annoy people is scary...
Oh! Don't pay attention to me thinking aloud ! I should improve my mood.

In the [Weeping Coast Soundgathering Conch with Guwa's sound] you brought, [Hasij Faylis] said... you were originally representing [Mavate Daviny]. Before I tell you the results of my research, there's something we need to make clear.

On your way here, you may have witnessed some conflict between the guard company and us ecological research team members.

The guard company said that in order to protect citizens, they ask that we temporarily don't go near the Tiktaalik settlements... We're against this.

To protect humans they will sometimes kill Tiktaaliks... This is counter to us trying to help the Tiktaaliks...

Although [Mavate Daviny] is a strong person, his weakness is that he's too serious and harsh. Who knows whether he one day will suddenly order that everybody has to remain inside the village meaning my research here would have to be ended.

So, I don't deliberately want to act against him, but I want to know what his motivations are for sending you here.

description while the quest is startet

Please think about the delicate positions of the ecological research team and the guard company. We hope that the report doesn't lead to the Tiktaalik's ecosystem being harmed.

quest end

It seems we will soon know the reasons for why the Tiktaaliks changed, but there are still a lot of details to be proved.

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