An Offer of Aid


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An Offer of Aid
Bring the [Weeping Coast Soundgathering Conch] from [Dilar Yeli] to [Morya] in the Ayak Clan.


Quest-Level: 41
get with: 49
deliver with: 51
visible till: 59
start: [Dilar Yeli]
end: [Morya]


experience points: 142367
talent points: 14236
gold: 4502

quest description

Bring the [Weeping Coast Soundgathering Conch] from [Dilar Yeli] to [Morya] in the Ayak Clan.


zone map Dilar YeliMorya

Order of the quest

It seems that if we want to understand the situation in more detail you will have to contact [Guwa], that Tiktaalik from the Ayak Clan that you talked to before. You can let him know we have good intentions.

But why would he mention [Morya] again... And seem so worried...

Uh... Maybe it would be better to talk to [Morya] about it first. If you don't know how to talk to him, perhaps the information I just recorded on the [Weeping Coast Soundgathering Conch] could be helpful for you. You can bring it with you.

But... There's something that I've been suspicious about all along... That Tiktaalik named [Guwa]... Although it sounds somewhat hasty... He actually knows how to speak some human language.

Villagers that are a generation older said that Tiktaaliks used to be able to learn their language, but nothing like this has happened for a long time... You saw [Guwa] in Ayak Clan... Ayak... was he one of the first Tiktaaliks to study human language?

Oh my... If he really is... that hypothesis surely is exciting. I want to go with you immediately to confirm this, but... first I have to bring [Dilan Huar] safely to the village.

You go check this out first, but don't forget to follow up with me.

description while the quest is startet

... Don't look at me... I'm cowardly and useless...

quest end

([Morya] seemed to slowly wake up when he heard the sound of the soundgathering conch you brought...)

Humans have come... It was [Guwa] that lead you here...

Right... Help... I have to help the old priest...

You want to know what happened "that day"...

Quest requirement


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