Song of the Forest


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Song of the Forest
Talk to [Yilian Zashu], the strange Ent.


Quest-Level: 42
get with: 50
deliver with: 52
visible till: 60
start: [Yilian Zashu]
end: Unknown


experience points: 152332
talent points: 15233
gold: 2265

quest description

Talk to [Yilian Zashu], the strange Ent.


zone map Yilian Zashu

Order of the quest

Huh? A Human? A Human who takes notice of the Ents? And willing to talk to the Ents too? Oh, how wonderful!

You must be wondering why I have appeared here. In fact, I am wondering the same about you. A Human who is willing to talk with the Ents? Hahaha... This is truly wonderful. Fantastic! Almost discovering that you can talk to an Ent! I am correct, then, in surmising that you feel as I do - that you are happy about discovering such a strange thing, yes?

The Humans have been coming here in droves recently. However, they just pass me by, too occupied with other things to notice. To them, I don't even exist. Humans tend to be busy like that - so busy that they don't notice things right beside them, even though those things may be very obvious. This is why they often see things and don't believe them.

Would you like to talk with me some more? Do you want to hear the wisdom of an Ent who has been around for thousands of years, or do you have things to busy yourself with as well?

description while the quest is startet

Humans' actions are so strange. For the sake of making their lives simple and peaceful, they are always occupying themselves with so many things. Afterward, having forgotten their original purpose, they end up leading very frustrating and restless lives...

quest end

Calm down, and slow your pace. Yes...that's it... Breathe deeply. Then you can gradually feel everything around you changing...

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