Chaotic Water Elemental Power


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Chaotic Water Elemental Power
Talk to [Yilian Zashu] and find out the reason for the [Entlings'] aggression.


Quest-Level: 42
get with: 50
deliver with: 52
visible till: 60
start: [Yilian Zashu]
end: Unknown


experience points: 152332
talent points: 15233
gold: 4531

quest description

Talk to [Yilian Zashu] and find out the reason for the [Entlings'] aggression.


zone map Yilian Zashu

Order of the quest

Ah! This is definitely it! ...After so long, I had forgotten that this was my whole reason for coming here from that faraway forest...

Let me tell you, then, how this sequence of events occurred...

description while the quest is startet

Relax! Let me tell you the entire sequence of events.

quest end

I fear that [Entling] is not the only one who has been influenced by the King of the Water's sentiments. The Tiktaalik from the South were originally tame and peaceful people, but their demeanor gradually changed for the worse.

My wife, [Ayjilin Shiang], has gone to the Ayam Clan to help restore our old friendship with the Tiktaalik.

A lone Ent has left the forest. Yes, just as when I came here. I understand how dangerous it is - especially now that the Tiktaalik have become so aggressive...

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