Anxious Tiktaalik


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Anxious Tiktaalik
Tell [Ayjilin Shiang] everything that you have observed.


Quest-Level: 42
get with: 50
deliver with: 52
visible till: 60
start: [Sata]
end: [Ayjilin Shiang]


experience points: 152332
talent points: 15233
gold: 4531
item to choose:

quest description

Tell [Ayjilin Shiang] everything that you have observed.


zone map SataAyjilin Shiang

Order of the quest

Kolu. Kolu.

(You notice that [Sata] is excitedly pointing at [Shiang's Ring], and that she keeps repeating the same syllable.)

Kolu. Kolu. Kolu.

(It seems she cannot ask you anything else. All you can do is tell [Ayjilin Shiang] the syllable that she keeps uttering.)

quest end

After [Sata] saw the [Ring], she kept saying "Kolu" over and over?

Could it be that something has happened to Kolu?


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