Hidden in the Forest


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Hidden in the Forest
Eliminate 25 parasitic [Entlings] on the [Romanjis]. Once you've done that, return to [Yilian Zashu].


Quest-Level: 42
get with: 50
deliver with: 52
visible till: 60
start: [Yilian Zashu]
end: Unknown


experience points: 152332
talent points: 15233
gold: 4531
item to choose:

quest description

Eliminate 25 parasitic [Entlings] on the [Romanjis]. Once you've done that, return to [Yilian Zashu].


zone map Yilian ZashuRomanji

Order of the quest

I will pay attention to those man-snake creatures. Also because I don't know what they have done to the [Romanjis] in the forest. It has led to the [Romanjis] becoming ill, and this is connected to the parasitic [Entlings] going through a strange change.

Even if I have already done all I can to eliminate the [Entlings] that have caused these strange changes, but to stop them from growing at an alarming rate among the [Romanjis], I will need your help. We need to exterminate those [Entlings] together.

description while the quest is startet

What on earth have those snake-man-things done to the [Romanjis]? And why?

Ah, how could this daunt an Ent like myself with a thousand years of experience. The things that all of the creatures have been doing recently are still beyond me.

quest end

Ah...you have returned. You're very expeditious in your exploits. Actually, I had already prepared to go out and deal with the [Entlings], but then I was moved to compose a song. Listen...

"An adventurer from a foreign land met an Ent who had been here for a thousand years, and their friendship was short. The adventurer had to leave and continue on his journey..."

It's a great song! This is my attempt to express my gratitude to you. I thank you for all that you have done to restore harmony to this forest. Perhaps, after you have experienced enough excitement in your travels, and if you remember your old friend here, you will come back and talk to me a bit one day...

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