Collaboration with the Tiktaalik


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Collaboration with the Tiktaalik
Help lieutenant [Mavate Daviny] take the [Written Pact] and the [Weeping Coast Recording Conch] to [Jiatu] in the cave at the Ayal Outpost.


Quest-Level: 45
get with: 52
deliver with: 55
visible till: 63
start: [Mavate Daviny]
end: [Jiatu]


experience points: 135663
talent points: 13566
gold: 2284

quest description

Help lieutenant [Mavate Daviny] take the [Written Pact] and the [Weeping Coast Recording Conch] to [Jiatu] in the cave at the Ayal Outpost.


zone map Mavate DavinyJiatu

Order of the quest

A final summary of all the intelligence shows us a clear path. The reason for the Tiktaaliks' change is because the Naga priestess, [Medusa], holds their sacred Sound Shell in the Heart of the Ocean, so they have no choice but to obey the Naga's call to attack humans and steal materials.

Putting aside for a moment the real reason the old priest [Jiatu] told you this information, he got one thing right; Relying on just the strength of humans to prevent a Naga invasion will result in the loss of more lives!

I also can't ignore the reports from the Boulderwind Village, where people have seen part snake part human creatures in the forest. This seems to prove what [Jiatu] said about a Naga invasion, so I can't doubt the truth of these reports.

It appears that we must work together with the Tiktaalik! I'm sure that this is one of the reasons [Jiatu] gave you this information. A few Tiktaalik secretly resisting the Naga can't make an impact!

Stealing goods, then a large scale attack on the human world? Those Naga are too optimistic. We must stop this from happening and teach the Naga a lesson.

Guest, this is the [Weeping Coast Recording Conch] I asked [Dilar Yeli] to record Tiktaalik into, and a [Written Pact] I wrote myself. Please take them to [Jiatu] for me. He should understand my meaning.

description while the quest is startet

The idea of an alliance with humans seems ridiculous... But what choice do we have right now?

quest end

I listened to the sounds of the [Weeping Coast Recording Conch]. He said he will help my people expel the Naga occupying the Heart of the Ocean, and promises not to damage our most precious Sound Shell!

The letter that man who broke [Jiasha's] barriers asked you to deliver has a symbolic seal.

I can read some human words, and know that what he wrote is a commitment honored by humans.

Oh...maybe working with humans is like drinking poison to satiate a thirst, but right now it may be the only way!

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