Bodyguard of Fishing Goods


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Bodyguard of Fishing Goods
Protect the delivery of fish to the Secluded Valley.


Quest-Level: 59
get with: 67
deliver with: 69
visible till: 77
start: [Daniel Dunado]
end: [Andy Benjamin]


experience points: 1366777
talent points: 136677
gold: 5771

quest description

Protect the delivery of fish to the Secluded Valley.


zone map Daniel DunadoAndy Benjamin

Order of the quest

Thank you for fighting off those despicable thieves. You were a beacon of hope in my hour of darkness! I am so happy!

The situation is like this. Even though you helped us fight the thieves in Silent Pass, they only retreat if they are met with strength. Now they are only moving against helpless peasants. We don't dare go to deliver our goods now. ...

Adventurer, I don't know if you can help us deliver our fish? If you are willing, go to the entrance of Pitik Port and you will see the delivery party. Speak with Andy Benjamin! The fishermen's future depends on you!

description while the quest is startet

When you're ready, just speak to one of the delivery people at Pitik Port and you can set out.

quest end

Haha! I knew that if there was an adventurer around, those pitiful thieves wouldn't show their faces!

Quest requirement

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