Cuisine Exchange


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Cuisine Exchange
Go to Patrace Woodland and collect 10 [Sarlo Hardhorn Egg].


Quest-Level: 71
get with: 79
deliver with: 81
visible till: 89
start: [Madison Mull]
end: Unknown


experience points: 1221300
talent points: 122130
gold: 17920

quest description

Go to Patrace Woodland and collect 10 [Sarlo Hardhorn Egg].


zone map Madison MullSarlo Hardhorn Egg

Order of the quest

Sigh, now we must think of a way for the Angrens and the others to get along. I've gotten several gray hairs because of this. I've thought a long time about it and I think communicating through food is the only way. The dinner table is the best place to fix any situation, right? I got inspiration for this culinary communication from the soldiers of Cadoon. I heard that once that Captain [Weybott Stohan] of Cadoon cooked for his whole army. I want to follow his example!

I've heard that the taste of Hardhorn eggs is really delicious... I've already thought about it. There are [Sarlo Hardhorn] in Patrace Woodland. If I can make a dish with the eggs, perhaps that will taste good as well!

But... the minions of [Maderoth] are constantly attacking us. I don't have any time to make the preparations...

description while the quest is startet

If this doesn't work, I don't know what I'll do. I guess I'll have to appeal to you, Commander.

quest end

Yes these are it. These are just the eggs I've been looking for!

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