Cooking Skills


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Cooking Skills
Use the [Idle Campfire] at the Wall of Patrace to make 5 [Perfect Grilled Egg].


Quest-Level: 71
get with: 79
deliver with: 81
visible till: 89
start: [Madison Mull]
end: Unknown


experience points: 1221300
talent points: 122130
gold: 17920

quest description

Use the [Idle Campfire] at the Wall of Patrace to make 5 [Perfect Grilled Egg].


zone map Madison Mull

Order of the quest

Looks like I won't just be cooking up my enemy's "eggs," if you catch my drift, haha! People are always forgetting to put out their [Idle Campfire]. Now I can put those campfires to good use. They're flames are perfect for cooking up my fragile Hardhorn Eggs. My wife always says the secret to cooking the [Perfect Grilled Egg] is to wait until the yoke has turned a golden hue and then countdown from 5 and remove. Sounds easy.

Commander, you want to lend a hand? With the two of us working together, we should be able to whip out a 8 or 10 servings in no time.

description while the quest is startet

What's so hard about cooking? Sure a whole lot easier than being in a shootout with the enemy. What's a cookbook compared with the "Art of War?"

quest end

(After comparing his handiwork to yours, [Madison Mull] could only hang his head in shame)

Wow...This... Commander, you've really got a knack for cooking.

Quest requirement

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