A Blanket Search


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A Blanket Search
Head to the [Marking Rune in North Forest], [Marking Rune in Middle Forest], and the [Marking Rune in South Forest] to carry out surveillance.


Quest-Level: 71
get with: 79
deliver with: 81
visible till: 89
start: [Morrok Wallinder]
end: [Morrok Wallinder]


experience points: 1221300
talent points: 122130
gold: 17920
item to choose:

quest description


zone map Morrok WallinderMorrok Wallinder

Order of the quest

You've come just at the right time! I'm investigating a few areas with peculiar elemental energy. Just ahead there are a few places covered by forest that have aroused my suspicion.

I've already placed Marker Runes in the suspect areas. I need you to go to those areas and conduct on-the-ground surveillance. I'll continue to stake out areas of interest.

Right, If you don't have any questions, it's time to get going! I'll be waiting for you on the other end of the forest.

description while the quest is startet

You've really surveyed all the areas of interest?

Don't forget! Dark Dragon is one crafty beast!

quest end

I believe that the high-density elemental transmissions issuing from the forest indicate that this area received a large elemental blast at one time or another. However, it seems that the source is not here.

This means Kargath and Will's representative will have to be on high alert!

Quest requirement

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