A Missing Surveyor


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A Missing Surveyor
Head to Balanzasar Volcano and find Champion [Wogg Blackchain].


Quest-Level: 71
get with: 79
deliver with: 81
visible till: 89
start: [Salandis]
end: [Wogg Blackchain]


experience points: 1221300
talent points: 122130
gold: 17920
item to choose:

quest description

Head to Balanzasar Volcano and find Champion [Wogg Blackchain].


zone map SalandisWogg Blackchain

Order of the quest

At that time, [Wogg Blackchain] was riding a camouflaged punisher into the Balanzasar Volcano to carry out surveillance.

Soon after, we began receiving dispatches from [Wogg Blackchain] at regular intervals: intelligence on the enemy's defense configuration, military armaments, shift change times, and other vital IT. Then, just recently, our communication with [Wogg Blackchain] was suddenly lost.

Before we rushed to launch an investigation, I insisted that we shut down all of our current surveillance to prevent further unnecessary losses. Of course, my actions raised suspicion in the subordinate ranks.

Special envoy! The diminishment of my reputation is a small price to pay for the life of [Wogg Blackchain]! I, [Salandis], need you to get to the bottom of this story and bring back our [Wogg Blackchain] alive!

quest end

Hey man! Do you know how long I've been waiting here with [Wogg No. 5]?

([Wogg Blackchain] sniffs at you for a second)

You mean to tell me you didn't bring any alcohol?!

I've been working my butt off trying to fix this here [Wogg No. 5]!

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