Creating Confusion


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Creating Confusion
Report [Worr Jones'] deductions to [Zhadin Bloodfang].


Quest-Level: 71
get with: 79
deliver with: 81
visible till: 89
start: [Worr Jones]
end: [Zhadin Bloodfang]


experience points: 407100
talent points: 40710
gold: 17920

quest description

Report [Worr Jones'] deductions to [Zhadin Bloodfang].


zone map Worr JonesZhadin Bloodfang

Order of the quest

It looks like [Zhadin Bloodfang] hasn't returned to base... This could be a problem... Or can you help me report this matter to him?

At first... he only thought that this device was a little suspicious and sent me to check it out. I didn't expect the worst result after my investigation was complete!

description while the quest is startet

Yes! If you don't have anything else to do, pick up your weapon and join the battle!

quest end

Before I was sent here, [Yujin Angerfang] talked to me about this. It's a good thing that my memory holds up after I've drank too much.

A certain scale of elemental explosion will lead to the creation of elemental creatures... maybe even an element king... In short, it could cause a lot of chaos.

Hmmm! However, I think what we can confirm is... that Maderoth is done playing his games!

Quest requirement

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