A Lady in Waiting


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A Lady in Waiting
Take the [Anonymous Love Letter] and the [Bunch of Wildflowers] to [Diana Hatbrim].


Quest-Level: 76
get with: 84
deliver with: 86
visible till: 94
start: [Jero Wespo]
end: Unknown


experience points: 545873
talent points: 54587
gold: 31959

quest description


zone map Jero Wespo

Order of the quest

Time to bring out the big guns and the girl will belong to me!

But I still don't trust myself to bring her the things personally. When I only imagine talking to her...I get so nervous that I b-begin t-t-to stutter! Please, you do it for me!

description while the quest is startet

What did she say?

quest end

What? A boyfriend? Is that a problem? What's a boyfriend after all? I only need more time and I'm sure I'll win her heart over! I've just got this feeling that we'll make the perfect 'spiritual' couple!

Quest requirement

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