Research Expert


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Quest-Level: 81
get with: 89
deliver with: 91
visible till: 99
start: [Jenn Shadoli]
end: Unknown


experience points: 635168
talent points: 63516
gold: 48146

quest description


zone map Jenn Shadoli

Order of the quest

The [Primal Runal Liquid] just made isn't sufficient for [Dan Louer's] purposes. We'll have to keep up a steady supply of [Primal Runal Liquid].

First Mate, you've got more nous than me and can probably create it a lot faster. Think you could put together some [Primal Runal Liquid] for me?

description while the quest is startet

I'm really curious to know what [Dan Louer] is looking into. Why would he need so much Primal Runal Liquid? But my hands are so full making all this [Primal Runal Liquid] that I've no time to ask him. Still, there's no question that he's a real expert in his field of research. I'll just get on with doing what he asks of me!

quest end

First Mate, you're getting even faster at making [Primal Runal Liquid]. Please, tell me the secret, how do you remember all the steps in this complicated procedure?

Quest requirement