Clean Wounds Heal Faster


item tooltip

Clean Wounds Heal Faster
Help [Julius Mimet] to clean the wounds of 5 [Wounded Guard].


Quest-Level: 84
get with: 92
deliver with: 94
visible till: 102
start: [Julius Mimet]
end: Unknown


experience points: 681239
talent points: 68123
gold: 62872

quest description

Help [Julius Mimet] to clean the wounds of 5 [Wounded Guard].


zone map Julius Mimet

Order of the quest

Do you want to help me again? I don't expect you to treat them, but it would expedite things greatly if you could clean their wounds.

description while the quest is startet

The secret to treating wounds? Ignore the whining!

quest end

It's a good sign when they scream. As soon as the bandage has been applied, we give them some of [Fenning's] fresh barbecued meats, and before you know it, everything's right with the world again.

Quest requirement