Greedy Blood Maggot


item tooltip

Greedy Blood Maggot
Rogue Primary Only Level Restriction 75
Requires 20 energy Range: 50
Instant Cooldown: 3 Minute(s)
After use you will have the opportunity to receive one of the following three buffs: [Blood Maggot], [Chopped Food], or [Rebirth], lasting for 60.0 seconds.

[Blood Maggot]: Increases Physical Attack Power by (current Physical Attack Power + 800.0) x 410.0% + 800.0.
[Chopped Food]: Increases Critical Physical Hit Rate by 6.0.
[Rebirth]: Increases Maximum HP by (current Maximum HP + 1500.0) x 1500.0% + 1500.0.

skill information

skill cooldown: 180 s
Global Cooldown: 1 s
skill effects: [Blood Maggot], [Chopped Food], [Rebirth]