Shetamb's Think Tank


item tooltip

Shetamb's Think Tank
Mage Primary Only Level Restriction 75
Requires 400 MP 1% MP Range: 50
Use Shetamb's knowledge to cause your enemy powerful magical damage.
One of the following three spells will be cast randomly after use.
(This skill stat will increase and decrease based on equipment and target strength)

[Burning Sound]
Inflicts 1.9 + current intelligence x 0.20 fire damage and deals the target 1500.0 fire damage every 2 seconds for 8.0 seconds.

[Jade Wind]
Inflicts 1.9 + current intelligence x 0.20 wind damage and reduces movement speed by 60.0% for 8.0 seconds.

[Hole Eclipse]
Causes 1.9 + current intelligence x 0.20 earth damage and stuns the target for 5.0 seconds.
(For players the stun effect only lasts 2.0 seconds.)

skill information

Global Cooldown: 1 s
skill effects: [Sys622390_name]