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  • [cobra79] Hello everybody, it is a great pleasure for me to welcome you the first german Dev-Chat of Runes of Magic. And it is a great honor to have Silberfuchs, the german Community Manager of the game with us today. Hello.

    [Silberfuchs] *winks into the round* A heartily Aloha.

    [cobra79] Please use the querie function and the moderators and do not ask Silberfuchs himself :D

    [Silberfuchs] Right, otherwise I could spill my tea with shock.

    [cobra79] It is most likely that we can't answer all questions until 3 pm, but we will try our best. So let us start right away. :) The mods are nicci, mooni and myself.

    [cobra79] Is it for sure that you won't sell any items in the cash shop that will effect the balancing (armor/wepons)?
    [Silberfuchs] We thouroughly are testing the cash shop right now and that means that beta testers already have a first glance. We still have to test though, which items will remain and which will not. Armor and weapons as stand-alone items probably won't be included. But we could offer supporting materials that help in the crafting process.

    [cobra79] Do guilds have to buy items from the shop to grow?

    [Nicci] If you have additional questions please ask mooni and me. :)

    [Silberfuchs] This week we have installed the first part of the guild system. Guilds will have levels and naturally they will begin at level 1 after their creation. A level 1 guild can invite up to 50 players. The cap will increase by 10 members for every level. If your guild reaches a defined level it will gain special advantages, e.g. once the guild reaches level 5 you will receive your guildkeep. From level 7 onward you can declare war on other guild and so forth. To increase the guild's rank all you have to do is to collect ressources and to invest them into your guild. The ressources could be ores, gold, wood etc.

    [cobra79] Will there be a character wipe after the open beta?
    [Silberfuchs] Because we want the players to enjoy their advancements and as a reward for their efforts, we will not wipe the chars AFTER the start of the open beta.

    [cobra79] Will there be different types of servers(PvE, PvP, RP) once the game ist released?
    [Silberfuchs] For starters there will only be one kind of server for the open beta. But we have the opportunity to activate new types of servers in 24 hours that effectively means that PvP or RP servers are in no way ruled out.

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