• Contributing to RoM-Welten.com

    A fansite like RoM-Welten need a lot of people to write and translate new content. The players want a fansite full of informations and news about new and also old content of Runes of Magic. 
    This is why we're on the constant lookout for new members! You want to be a part of our great team? You want to write articles and news? If you want to apply to join us, please read the following introductions and send us a mail.

    The assignments:

    • Content&News
      Your job is to post news from the official site and other interesting news about Runes of Magic. You can also write articles and guides.  
    • Translator
      You speak english and also german? We're looking for players who want and can translate texts from german to english and from english to german!

    All tasks are being done on a voluntary basis and cannot be paid. But the Runes of Magic Community will thank you fro your work! Working at such a fansite make also a lot of fun!

    Interested? Send your application to team@rom-welten.de

    Your application should contain:

    • name and age
    • your available time in a week
    • your english and german skills
    • Für welche(n) Aufgabenbereich(e) du dich auf RoM-Welten.de besonders interessiert (Videos, AddOns, News, Artikel,...)
    • character-name, server, class, level and the time you're already playing RoM
    • If available, your forum-name (Official forum)
    Please only sent us an application if you character is over level 55 and you're also playing RoM longer than 7 months.
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