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  • Overview of stets in RoM

    Many MMO's and also Runes of Magic offer normal gear and some gear that belongs to a set. Such a set offers additional bonuses to the character, depending on the number of worn parts, starting at 2 pieces up to 8.

    A piece from the Shadow Shark Suit from Heart of the Ocean. The lower part of the picture shows the set attributes. It is a 5 piece set, and its parts are listed together with the completion bonuses for wearng either two or four parts.

    You'll need more than one set for the 8 armor-, 5 accessory- and 1-3 weapon-slots (depending on your class/class combination). If you open the known databases you can take a look at sets and items, but it is difficult to compare different armor from different sets. This overview should help you with this choice and is focused on the values of the sets and items without any pictures. It is not part of this overview to list the locations where to obtain all the sets. Most of them are drops from instance bosse and some are quest rewards or sold by merchants.

    The sets are grouped by armor type and sorted by level and, if they have the same, alphabetically. Some sets are a mix of armor, weapon and/or accessory. They are listed within their armor group.

    Some sets and items have no name, only a number like Sys610257_name or 610001. These sets and items only exist in the database but not ingame. No one knows if or when they become available. On the other side some items that have names can't be found ingame.


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