• Mob Respawn Times

  • respawn time for mobs

    Now and then someones has a question about the respawn time of mobs. These times (in seconds) are gathered here.

    However it is not possible to only read the tables as they are, because other function (scripts, program code) can overwrite the respawn time:

    • Instances reset, if you leave or open a group
    • Some mobs are changelings. Their appearance doesn't depend on respawn time. Look at "Changelings" to read more.
    • Sometimes a certain progress or place is requiered to spawn a mob.

    These are only a few examples, where the respawn time has no effect.

    Respawn time for mobs (A to F)
    Respawn time for mobs (G to M)
    Respawn time for mobs (N to S)
    Respawn time for mobs (T to Z)

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