• Stat Overview

  • The stats are essential for gearing up your character as they grant the highest increase of your attributes. With six stats per item the amount of different combinations can be huge, so it's important to consider your choice well. This overview includes all the yellow and red stats in Runes of Magic, except for the stats on the old and new Moa Weapons as well as stats which emerge on crafted items.

    An overview of the items with random stats can be found here.

    The first Attribute Filter defines the attributes that the stats are allowed to have.
    The second Attribute Filter defines the attributes the stats must have.

    With a click on the name of a stat you can see the items which inherit the stat. If you click on the name of the item, you will be refered to its page on the official RoM database. Little advice: Open the new page in a new tab to keep your preferences.

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