• Race and Class Combinations

  • There are three different races in Runes of Magic: Humans, Elves and Dwarves. Each of these races can only chose particular classes. The following diagram shows, which classes are possible in each case.

        Humans Elves Dwarves
    Warden Warden   Elves  
    Druid Druid   Elves  
    Scout Scout Humans Elves  
    Mage Mage Humans Elves Dwarves
    Warrior Warrior Humans Elves Dwarves
    Rogue Rogue Humans Elves Dwarves
    Priest Priest Humans   Dwarves
    Knight Knight Humans    
    Champion Champion     Dwarves
    Warlock Warlock     Dwarves

    Due to the restricted class selection there are only destinct combinations of classes possible. The following table shows which class combinations of primary and secondary class are possible and which races can learn those combinations.

        Secondary Class
        Warden Druid Scout Mage Warrior Rogue Priest Knight Champion Warlock
    Primary Class Warden   Warden/Druid: Elves Warden/Scout: Elves Warden/Mage: Elves Warden/Warrior: Elves Warden/Rogue: Elves        
    Druid Druid/Warden: Elves   Druid/Scout: Elves Druid/Mage: Elves Druid/Warrior: Elves Druid/Rogue: Elves        
    Scout Scout/Warden: Elves Scout/Druid: Elves   Scout/Mage: Humans and Elves Scout/Warrior: Humans and Elves Scout/Rogue: Humans and Elves Scout/Priest: Humans Scout/Knight: Humans    
    Mage Mage/Warden: Elves Mage/Druid: Elves Mage/Scout: Humans and Elves   Mage/Warrior: Humans, Elves and Dwarves Mage/Rogue: Humans, Elves and Dwarves Mage/Priest: Humans and Dwarves Mage/Knight: Humans Mage/Champion: Dwarves Mage/Warlock: Dwarves
    Warrior Warrior/Warden: Elves Warrior/Druid: Elves Warrior/Scout: Humans and Elves Warrior/Mage: Humans, Elves and Dwarves   Warrior/Rogue: Humans, Elves and Dwarves Warrior/Priest: Humans and Dwarves Warrior/Knight: Humans Warrior/Champion: Dwarves Warrior/Warlock: Dwarves
    Rogue Rogue/Warden: Elves Rogue/Druid: Elves Rogue/Scout: Humans and Elves Rogue/Mage: Humans, Elves and Dwarves Rogue/Warrior: Humans, Elves and Dwarves   Rogue/Priest: Humans and Dwarves Rogue/Knight: Humans Rogue/Champion: Dwarves Rogue/Warlock: Dwarves
    Priest     Priest/Scout: Humans Priest/Mage: Humans and Dwarves Priest/Warrior: Humans and Dwarves Priest/Rogue: Humans and Dwarves   Priest/Knight: Humans Priest/Champion: Dwarves Priest/Warlock: Dwarves
    Knight     Knight/Scout: Humans Knight/Mage: Humans Knight/Warrior: Humans Knight/Rogue: Humans Knight/Priest: Humans      
    Champion       Champion/Mage: Dwarves Champion/Warrior: Dwarves Champion/Rogue: Dwarves Champion/Priest: Dwarves     Champion/Warlock: Dwarves
    Warlock       Warlock/Mage: Dwarves Warlock/Warrior: Dwarves Warlock/Rogue: Dwarves Warlock/Priest: Dwarves   Warlock/Champion: Dwarves  



    Humans HumansHumans   Humans and Elves Humans and ElvesHumans and Elves
    Elves ElvesElves   Humans and Dwarves Humans and DwarvesHumans and Dwarves
    Dwarves DwarvesDwarves   Humans, Elves and Dwarves Humans, Elves and DwarvesHumans, Elves and Dwarves
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