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  • It's easy to take a look at a player's values in Runes of Magic if he or she stands near you. But you can't do the same with monsters. Some addons show their HP and that's about it.

    If you would like to know more about mobs in Runes of Magic this is the right place for you. We have calculated almost every attibute for every mob from a small Fungi to the hardest bosses.

    We also have some NPC's with green names in our list. We couldn't (yet) find the difference between them and real enemy mobs. Therefore we divided them into "yellow" and "red".

    Please keep in mind that the list might be too long and show some mobs that don't actually appear ingame.

    A little explanation for some values that don't exist on players:

    • Movespeed: 100% is the unbuffed speed of a running player
    • Searchrange: If you are inside the searchrange, the mob attacks you. The range decreases if your level is higher than the mob's.
    • Keepdistance: Some mobs permanently move away from the player if their distance to the player is lower than this value. This can be important for melee classes.
    • Followrange: If you move away from mobs and the distance between you and the mob gets higher than this value, they give up the fight - OR - if the mob moves farther away from his initial position than this value. It's not totally clear which situation applies.
    • XP-/TP-Rate: Propotion of the received XP and TP to a yet unknown base value (we're working on it)

    Simply click on the names in the lists to see all values.

    Elite Mobs
    Normal Mobs

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