• Title Badge System and Title Training Basics

  • Title Badge System and Title Training Basics

    "Five titles are better than one!"

    Runewaker was probably thinking something along these lines as they came up with the new title system. Now you cannot only activate a single title, but simultaneously choose four additional badge titles to receive additional benefits from those four titles.

    Keep it simple,stupid? No. This whole new system was introduced into Runes of Magic with Patch 6.0.0 but was only mentioned with just two words in the patch notes ("title system") so we aim to at least explain the basics of this new title system to you with this article.


    The Old Title System Did Not Change

    The basic system of choosing a title did not change. It still works like we're used to: Open the title window by pressing the button "T" (standard), choose a title and click "Assume title". This title will appear in the game world above the name of your character. This title can grant you additional attribute bonuses and sometimes even an additional skill. This, the basic system, did not change.

    The new title system introduced with Patch 6.0.0 into the game is just an addition to this system, not a replacement.

    Unlocking Badge Titles

    NPC "Twace Kaht" on the left side in front of Varanas bridge will give you a quest which sends you to NPC "Polis Leighton" in Varanas class hall. This NPC will then unlock the title badge title system. The title window, opened with "T" (standard), will expand another window on the right side where you then are able to choose four additional titles and are shown your current values for title reputation, title experience and the currently unlocked badge title tier.

    The new Title-Interface

    Badge Title Bonus

    Badge titles are only the titles with a medal which has roman numerals and a colored ribbon on it. Only the first four tiers are relevant, these are:

    • Badge Title Level I Level I = red ribbon
    • Badge Title Level II Level II = green ribbon
    • Badge Title Level III Level III = blue ribbon
    • Badge Title Level IV Level IV = red-white ribbon

    These badge titles received additional attribute bonuses which are shown in a tooltip pop-up when you hover over the medal with your mouse.

    Sascilia Steppes Shepherd Badge Bonus

    Example 1: "Sascilia-Steppes-Shepherd" is a Level I badge title without an innate title bonus. But if you activate it in the window to the right, it will grant you up to "+75 Stamina, +400 maximum HP".

    Example 2: "Escape Artist" has the innate bonus "+10% Movement Speed" which you can use if you have the title equipped. Additionally it's a Level III badge title and grants up to "162 Healing Power Increase, 540 Physical Defense" when activated through the title badge window.

    Choose a Title Bonus

    You can equip your title as usual which will grant you the bonuses already known from the text of the title. Additionally you're able to activate up to four more bagde titles (left-click on the badge) which will be shown in the title window to the right and grant the badge bonuses. You could choose the very title you have equipped anyway for additional badge bonuses, provided it's one of those with badges. These up to four additional badge titles need to be chosen from the categories Quests, Challenge, System and Event with a maximum of one title per category. "Normal" and "Other" do not have badge titles.

    Correlation for the four Badge Titles

    Badge Title Tiers

    Badge Title Level

    There is a maximum level preventing you from using all badge titles right away which is shown in the upper center of the title badge window. To search for titles of a specific level you can just use the dropdown filter in the title menu and set it to the level you need instead of "All" to only have the titles of the appropriate level shown.

    Different characters have different maximum tiers. Main characters usually start with Level 2 (green) and are able to use Level 1 and Level 2 badge titles. Smaller characters are usually still at Level 1 (red). The exact conditions for your initial unlocked level are not yet known, however it seems to correspond to how many titles you have acquired on your character.

    Reaching the next level and therefore being able to use higher level badge titles requires the following:

    1. You need to gain a certain amount of title experience.
    2. You need to acquire a certain amount of badge titles of the specific level.

    • From Level I to II you'll need 1000 title experience and 10 Level-1 badge titles.
    • From Level II to III you'll need 1500 title experience and 15 Level-2 badge titles.
    • From Level III to IV you'll need 2250 title experience and 35 Level-3 badge titles.

    If you complete the requirements you can tell "Polis Leighton" that you want to increase your badge title tier. If you do not have the requirements completed yet, the NPC will tell you what's missing, including how many badge title of the current level you already have and how many more you will need for the next tier.

    Title Experience

    Title Experience

    You'll receive title experience from the item "Experience Gem", that is available through certain quests. But there are also other items that increase the experience which may be available as item shop offers or other different ways.

    Icon Experience Gem Item description Experience Gem

    Title Reputation

    Title Reputation

    For the four additional titles to actually give you the bonuses listed you will also need "Title Reputation". You don't need to have one of the four titles equipped in the normal way so you are free to choose any other title for that and you will be receiving its bonus. The bonuses from the new system work on top of it.

    Reputation is the key to activating the title bonuses and can reach 100% as a maximum value. If it reaches 0% the four titles become inactive and won't grant a bonus anymore. As long as you have more than 0% reputation you will be granted the full title badge bonuses. Reputation fades over time until it reaches 0%. Currently it seems to fade with around 1% per hour.

    Title reputation can be filled with "Reputation badges" which can be received through special quests together with the Experience Gems.

    Icon Reputation Badge Item Description Reputation Badge

    100% Title Reputation

    If you have 100% reputation you can use it to increase the bonuses from the titles even more. Once you reach 100% the title badge level button in the upper middle will start glowing in blue and consume 50% reputation when you press it. This will in return grant you the 1 hour buff "Focus Character" which increases the bonuses from the 4 equipped titles by 100% - effectively doubling the received bonus for 1 hour.

    Buff Focus Charakter

    Title Training

    Selection of the Training Lines

    NPC "Polis Leighton" will give you the chain quest "Water Wears Through a Rock" once a day. For this quest to complete you first have to complete 4 other quests which are divided in colored quest lines of red, blue, yellow and orange lines. You can do one quest from each line per day by telling NPC "Polis Leighton" which line quest you want to do and he will send you to a bulletin board where you have to complete a random task.

    Colored Bulletin Boards at Varanas

    While the blue, yellow and green bulletin boards are all in the Varanas class hall, the red bulletin boards are spread over all of Taborea. The following boards exist:

    • Silverspring Blue Bulletin Board I (56,6/83,2)
    • Silverspring Yellow Bulletin Board I (57/83,2)
    • Silverspring Green Bulletin Board I (57,3/83,2)
    • Silverspring Green Bulletin Board II (57,6/82,9)
    • Silverspring Green Bulletin Board III (57,9/82,6)
    • Silverspring Green Bulletin Board IV (58/82,2)
    • Howling Mountains Red Bulletin Board (53,4/41,3)
    • Silverspring Red Bulletin Board (56,4/83,1)
    • Ravenfell Red Bulletin Board (42/56,4)
    • Aslan Valley Red Bulletin Board (54,9/62,6)
    • Ystra Highlands Red Bulletin Board (48,2/20,3)
    • Dust Devil Canyon Red Bulletin Board (42,9/51,3)
    • Weeping Coast Red Bulletin Board (62,1/38,8 )
    • Sascilia Steppes Red Bulletin Board (27,3/35,8 )
    • Dragonfang Ridge Red Bulletin Board (46,3/54,5)
    • Aotulia Volcano Red Bulletin Board (63,2/71,2)
    • Thunderhoof Hills Red Bulletin Board (54,7/44,7)
    • Limo Desert Red Bulletin Board (59,4/40,8 )
    • Land of Malevolence Red Bulletin Board (64,4/42,1)
    • Redhill Mountains Red Bulletin Board (32,2/52,4)
    • Tergothen Bay Red Bulletin Board (73,7/35,7)
    • Ancient Kingdom of Rorazan Red Bulletin Board (54,7/61,1)
    • Chrysalia Red Bulletin Board (34,5/40,9)
    • Merdhin Tundra Red Bulletin Board (41,5/48,2)
    • Syrbal Pass Red Bulletin Board (62,7/50,8 )

    The Red Line

    Most of the red line quest tasks will send you into the instance of a zone; after you choose the red line you'll be sent to the bulletin board of the zone to get your task.

    Screen message: You are now qualified for the quest. Hurry and go to Syrbal Pass Red Bulletin Board to receive the quest!

    The quests are likely character level dependent; characters around level 80 will have to kill the boss Sandos in Bethomia or Garmel in Bedim. Smaller characters may have to kill something as simple as Ghul Duke in Forsaken Abby or collect 10 beards from the Ice Dwarf Destroyers within Ruins of the Ice Dwarf Kingdom. Do not underestimate the XP for these quests, the "Reward: Sandos" quest alone gives 500.947 XP and around 50.094 TP.

    The Blue Line

    The blue line has quests like "Seeking The Mysterious Crystal", where you will get a specially made pickaxe and have to collect certain things in different zones. In one quest you'll have to go to Redhill Mountains into the Battlefield of Steel and collect three Smoke Crystal Stones. Some quests will send you to Tergothen Bay's Icestream Village Ruins or to Dragonfang Ridge's Lomgart Pass. Again the XP and TP are not to be underestimated; the quest "Seeking The Mysterious Crystal" in Redhill Mountains grants 263.332 XP and 26.333 TP.

    The Yellow Line

    The Yellow Line sends you into the minigames. In Malatinas Course of Terror you'd need to kill 10 barriers with cannons, burn 10 Wild Giant Vines , or use a "Curse Scroll (Cannon Permutation)" three times. In Malatinas Survival Game you'd need to break open a certain amount of tiles or open 8 chests. In the Ancient Treasures minigame in Sascilia-Steppes you might need to open 5 Amethyst Chests or remove all 12 Cave Ghosts which are blocking the doorways; or you might need to kill Ghost Guard Dogs with a Snipe Shot.

    The Green Line

    The Green Line consists of quests requiring you to harvest certain resources from the maps in their white base form. Example:

    • Harvest 10 Moonsilver
    • Harvest 10 Tarslin Demon Wood
    • Harvest 10 Dark Crystal
    • Harvest 10 Sinners Palm

    Sometimes you will receive an Expression Book for a certain Emote which you then have to use on another player. But also tasks like " Compete in 1 vs 1" or "3 vs 3" Arenas are possible.

    Quest Rewards

    Rewards for each of the line quests will be one "Experience Gem" and one "Reputation Badge". These give you 20 Title XP and 10% Reputation respectively. But to use them you cannot just right-click them, you will have to add them as Title Items in the new menu and press Use which will then fill the XP and/or Reputation bar.

    Quest-Reward with Experience Gem and Reputation Badge

    You can complete all 4 quests once a day plus the chain quest "Water Wears Through a Rock". This sums up to 5x "Experience Gem" and 5x "Reputation Badge" which gives you 50% Reputation and 100 Title Experience Points.

    To increase your maximum title level up to 4 you need to do the title training quests for a while or use item shop offers. To keep the reputation level stable you'd need to do around 2 or 3 training quests per day. But you can just keep your badges and only apply them when you need the bonus (e.g. for raiding, siege etc.) and leave the reputation at 0% when you don't need the bonuses for a while. If you want to do the training quests every day and are doing minigames anyway the most time-consuming parts would probably be the traveling for the Mysterious Crystals of the Blue Line and visiting an instance on the Red Line. But the XP/TP rewards for these quests sum up to 764.279 XP and 76.427 TP which equals roughly 2 daily quests on Syrbal Pass.

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