• On Saturday, 27.07.2013 our new Product Community Manager "ThePit" hosted a Teamspeak meeting with the guilds of Taborea. ThePit and around 150 guild leaders or representatives attented the meeting, plus some more Gameforge employees and Mentors. You can download the ~45 minutes with the speech of ThePit as mp3 audio - in German- in our German news. We will probably add the Q&A part with the guild representatives later (as audio) after we've processed it fully. This news is a summary of what just ThePit told to the users in the meeting, so if you're curious now - click "Read more".

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  • Yoman @ 07:00 - 06.08.2013
  • Every bigger patch that includes atleast one new zone also has new merchants for all kinds of items. Patch 6 of Runes of Magic is not an exception - therefore we proudly present "New Merchants, New Stats" - Patch 6 Edition.

    You will find new wares not only in the new zone Sybal Pass but also in Varanas and Obsidian Fortress.

    Click "Read more" and pick the merchant for your favorite items.

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  • Keili & Yoman @ 16:29 - 12.06.2013
  • Just to make your wait time a bit shorter (atleast for some of you, as of writing the translation the patch got released on parts of the world), we assembled some facts about the new zone Syrbal Pass. Please do not expect a thorough and complete overview about every detail in the new zone, that's too much work and there's too little time left until the patch hits ;-). But to add something of value, we've put the map of Syrbal Pass in it together with the instance map of Bethomia and we even got the map of the next zone to follow - Sarlo.


    Click "Read more", to get a short glimpse on what to expect in the zone.

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  • Keili & Yoman @ 16:08 - 04.06.2013
  • Yesterday we wrote about all the nice things from Bethomia's hard mode - today's article will be about the drops in normal and easy. For simplicity's sake we're skipping the item groups 1-6 which are identical in all modes.

    Click "Read more" to find out if easy and normal are worth your time and efforts.

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  • Keili & Yoman @ 22:49 - 03.06.2013
  • Sometimes it just needs a little push to get a search in the right direction. This time it was the list of boss names in the instance Bethomia within the zone Syrbal Pass. From June 4th on players will get to try their skills and luck on these bosses when Patch 6.0.0 hits the game. For unknown reasons we did not post a minimap of the instance until now, which we have now included in this news post.

    "Read more" to get a look at the minimap and the list of all the boss drops in Bethomia.

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  • Keili & Yoman @ 21:20 - 02.06.2013
  • Do you love PvP in Runes of Magic? A new challenge awaits you there. We've found a new zone called "Arkanium Arena". This zone features a new class called "Duelist", and Duelists will have 6 skills. We did some digging in the data again and found said skills. But, surprise! We found 60 skills. Yes, 60. Since the game has 10 classes (without the Duelist) we suppose there are 6 skills for each combination. Sadly we were unable to link them to each specific class - yet.

    So please take a look at all 60 skills and the map of the Arkanium Arena by clicking Read more! 

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  • Yoman @ 13:44 - 19.12.2012
  • Chapter V of Runes of Magic is out for a while already and a lot of new content has been released since Patch 5.0.0, including new  elite skills for Level60 and Level70.

    But not every class combination got new elite skills directly as they were released into the public; our litte ones- the dwarfs- with the Champion and Warlock classes, were missing.

    Now, the skills have finally arrived, so if you would like to know which amazing new skills your dwarf gets, click on Read more.

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  • Keili @ 07:00 - 04.12.2012

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