• Some of you may already have found the new Level 70 Elite Skills in ItemPreview which appeared with patch 5.03.2573 of Runes of Magic. Even if we can't get them yet, Elite-Skills are always very interesting and therefore we'll have a closer look at them in today's news. Please keep in mind that:

    • the skills are not yet available and may change until they are released
    • skill-calculation ist a bit tricky and we cannot guarantee that our values are always right

    Click on "...Read more..." and have a look at the new Level 70 Elite-Skills.

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  • Keili @ 16:19 - 05.10.2012
  • Whenever a new zone or instance is released into the game, some merchants in Runes of Magic update their offers. The same happened with patch 5.03.2573. You can buy new items for 770 Ancient Mementos, 210 Energy of Justice, 300 Phirius-Shells and 5 Proof of Legend. It's always very exciting to find out which stats are on these items. You can find the answer in our today's news.

    Click "...Read more..." to find the items with your most wanted stats.

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  • Keili & Yoman @ 14:49 - 01.10.2012
  • Patch 5.03.2573 for Runes of Magic brought us a new zone and a new instance. The Kulech Bones Nest invites groups of up to 12 players to kill the 5 bosses in easy or normal mode or all 7 bosses in hard mode. In this news we will take a closer look at the drops of all bosses in all difficulties

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  • Keili & Yoman @ 19:24 - 28.09.2012
  • Patch of Runes of Magic brought us new Elite-Skills for Level 60. It will take a little more time to get all the needed "parts" for them. Reason enough for us to list the descriptions of the new skills for you. Of course we couldn't test the skills ingame. The list seems incomplete, maybe we haven't found all skills yet.

    Click "...Read More..." and have a look at the new skills.

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  • Keili & Yoman @ 15:19 - 26.09.2012
  • Publisher Gameforge has today thrown open the gates to a new region for Runes of Magic players, Chrysalia. The region was shaped by the power of the four elements and is home to a new raid instance, the Kulech Bones Nest. In this challenging dungeon, groups of up to twelve players can enter into battle against belligerent ant creatures, gruesome maggots and an evil ant queen. The latest episode of the RoMcast is also out today and shows scenes from the region, giving a closer insight into the new content.
    Chrysalia lies in the north of the Taborean continent, a region carved by deep canyons that can only be traversed using the rickety bridges swaying above the drops. The region is inhabited by two ant-like races, the Garon and the Kulech. The Garon are peaceable sorts and friendly to adventurers; the Kulech however, are to be feared and only approached if you are well equipped and prepared for a savage battle. The path to the Bones Nest instance will lead players by the serene Sanctuary of Balance, past mysterious investigation camps and production plants, through to the bloody battlefield. This is where the best of the best come to take on the Ant Queen and her hordes of minions.
    Das Flythrough-Video gibt einen weiteren Eindruck von der Landschaft, die Abenteurer ab heute erkunden können.
  • Slyco @ 15:45 - 25.09.2012
  • A new threat is stirring to the east of Taborea with expansion of a new region, Chrysalia, arriving in the coming week that is stuffed with never before seen foes, tonnes of quests, and a highly demanding instance. Thundering waterfalls, bubbling pools of lava, and huge ant-built structures will greet new adventurers. This ancient land and native home to the true dragons is currently being plagued by the Kulech, a clan of exceedingly aggressive ant creatures. The new flythrough video will give a first impression of the landscape which you can explore starting as of the 25th of September.

    Chrysalia lies on the coast of the continent of Kolydia. The tempestuous storms across the ocean make their presence known in the coves of the region as a dusty and driving wind, undulating the bridges constructed by the allies to connect the disparate cave systems. The force of the four elements has shaped the land since time immemorial and has created a host of perilous anomalies. This region is inhabited by two different types of ant-like Myrmex. The Garon are the more peaceable of the two races and, in a nod to symbiotic development, their counterparts the Kulech are belligerent and hostile.

    On the itinerary for you budding adventurers are also the more secluded corners of Chrysalia, such as the Edliss Ruins to the south, the Bloody Battlefield, and the Kulech Bones Nest – the new instance. Fierce battle awaits against the Queen of the Myrmex, which will determine which of you are the true heroes.

  • Slyco @ 13:50 - 21.09.2012
  • Patch 5.02.2565 of Runes of Magic brought us new world bosses and a new currency: "Proof of Legend". You can exchange this currency at Edward Wilson in Varanas for gear with "... of Eternity IX stats which are  currently the best in the game. This news will show you which stats are on which items.

    Click "Read more" and have a more detailed look at items and stats.

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  • Keili & Yoman @ 06:55 - 31.08.2012

    Here is your Saylem back again with RoM Style of the Week #4. Today's issue is for all friends of nature a.k.a. "The Elven Edition"!

    You're an elf and this sounds interesting? Click "Read more".

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  • Saylem & Yoman @ 21:00 - 04.08.2012
  • It always becomes a bit quiet around here after the launch of a new chapter because there's only so much new information available - this did not change with Chapter V. But it never stopped us from digging deeper; only Ancient Kingdom of Rorazan has opened so far and a new level cap with a new zone is on the horizon. We asked Gameforge Berlin(a.k.a. Frogster) when the next part of Chapter V is going to be released and the answer was "soon ;)". Reason enough for us to take a closer look at the new zone: Chrysalia. And voila, we found some interesting new information.

    Click on "Read more..." and see for yourself what we found out about Chrysalia.

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  • Keili & Yoman @ 19:25 - 02.08.2012

     Good news everyone! Saylem is back again, and this time we have some styling tips for all the male characters out there.

    Click "Read more" and take a look at my recommendations to look like a gentleman.

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  • Saylem @ 16:00 - 27.07.2012

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