• The amount of required material to upgrade the rarity from 1 (green) to 2 (blue) has changed with patch This also affects the guild contributiuon. Up to now you could contribute the green materials without thinking about the best ration between collected resource and guild contribution. Now it is worth to refine some of them to blue (or better, if you like). The table shows you, when you get most out of the resource. The resource in the column "green" should never be refined higher, the others should always be "blue", but it's no disadvantage, if they are better.


    blue or better
    Mountain Demon Grass
    Bison Grass
    Green Thistle
    Straw Mushroom
    Dusk Orchid
    Mirror Sedge
    Goblin Grass
    Moon Orchid
    Flame Dust
    Sinners Palm
    Dragon Mallow
    Rock Crystal
    Thorn Apple
    Nocturnal Lantern Grass Bundle
    Frost Crystal
    Zinc Ore
    Chime Wood
    Tin Ore
    Stone Rotan Wood
    Iron Ore
    Copper Ore
    Dragon Beard Root Wood
    Dark Crystal
    Silver Ore
    Silver Ore
    Aeontree Wood
    Wizard-Iron Ore
    Moon Silver Ore
    Rune Obsidian Ore
    Purple Agate Crystal
    Ash Wood
    Willow Wood
    Maple Wood
    Oak Wood
    Pine Wood
    Holly Wood
    Yew Wood
    Tarslin Demon Wood
    Dragonlair Wood
    Ancient Spirit Oak Wood
    Fastan Banyan
    Janost Cypress Wood

    Have fun collecting and refining

    RoM-Welten Team

  • Keili @ 13:34 - 25.07.2012
  • Here is Saylem again, this time with my second skin presentation. Today i'll show you a combination for self-confident characters, perfectly suited for those who like to show some skin and draw some attention.

    Click on "Read more" to see where to get and how to dye these really sexy skins.

    [... Read more ...]

  • Saylem @ 10:55 - 14.07.2012
  • After the first big wave of news prior to the Chapter V release it seemed a bit silent around here. But we made good use of the time, digged around even more, updated some articles and created some new ones which we can now proudly present to you. 

    For all the fashion lovers in RoM our lovely Saylem created the article series RoM-Style of the Week. Let yourself be inspired on your skin setup by her ideas. She also lists all the locations so you can go on a skin hunt yourself and of course all the color combinations to exactly recreate what is shown in the articles are also listed there.

    Hey, you!... Yes, YOU! Are you a theorycrafter or dataminer? Have you always been fed up that the only readily available data about RoM monsters was their HP? You always wanted some more than this? Well... welcome to heaven then: In our newest article about Monster Attributes we're listing almost every value for every monster. HP? Defense? Attack? We've got them all - and more. Some values are still unclear, but we've deciphered all the major values and even some rarely ever known ones like "Critical Resistance".

    And we have another new article: Race/Class-Combinations shows all combinations of the currently three RoM races and ten classes. Is it possible to play a dwarven Warlock/Priest? Check our article and find it out!

    Also don't miss our interview with Mandy Blumenthal*, who is the producer for RoM at Frogster.

    (*Editors note: It's only available in german, but it is possible that atleast a "TLDR" version will follow in english. We wont translate the full interview because the game is already ahead of 90% of the things mentioned in the interview as the questions in it were planned for pre-Chapter V, not a month after release ;-))

    Have fun reading . Any questions or feedback? Drop us a mail (rom@onlinewelten.com) or leave us a comment.

    RoM-Welten Team

  • Yoman @ 18:28 - 13.07.2012
  • I'm Saylem, a fashion-fanatic and i'll be presenting to you the newest and most attractive skin combinations for your adventurers! I'll tell you where to get the required items and how to dye them properly. It will cover a large diversity of skins and i think a fitting style even for YOU will show up!

    Click on "Read more" and take a look at the first skin i'm introducing today!


    [... Read more ...]

  • Saylem @ 16:30 - 06.07.2012
  • Everyone who has already logged into Runes of Magic since the start of Chapter V last week probably already noticed the new loading screens. Now we proudly present exact these wallpapers freshly derived out of the client files in their awesome size of 2048x2048 pixels. Create your own wallpapers or let your creativity loose in any other way. ;-)

    The first three artworks show Yrvandis Hollows, the new dwarven starting area.

    Click to enlarge the pictures!


    The other artworks show mobs which have not appeared in game yet. Maybe bosses from future instances? Who knows? Interesting first picture: Will we have to fight Myrmekes (ants) again ?


    Just leave us a comment! Pictures are available in our Artwork, also in our Chapter V-Gallery

    RoM-Welten Team

  • Yoman @ 15:29 - 19.06.2012
  • It’s finally here: the Fires of Shadowforge have been lit! Frogster has opened the gates to the fifth chapter of its successful fantasy MMO, Runes of Magic. Fires of Shadowforge introduces a new race to the online role-playing game: the Shadowforge Dwarves. Two new classes have also entered the world of Taborea: the Champion and the Warlock, both exclusive to the Dwarven race. In addition, a new continent, Kolydia, has appeared on the map, offering players exciting regions and challenging dungeons. The latest version of the Runes of Magic client is available for free download on the official website, www.runesofmagic.com . Those who already have the client will receive the update automatically the next time they start the game.

    What’s New in Chapter V:
    • Level cap raised to 72
    • Two new zones with new dungeons
    • New playable race: Shadowforge Dwarves
    • Two new classes: Champion and Warlock
    • Equipment swap button for the third class
    • Adjustments to the Battlefields
    • 12 Zodiac Pets (activated monthly, with upgrade levelling)
    • Adjustment to the level curve
    • Varanas Nightmare now a PvE zone
    Planned Future Additions to the Chapter:
    • Level cap of 77
    • Additional action bars in the interface
    • New guild buildings and skins
    • World Bosses adjusted and connected to the crafting system
    • New elite skills for all classes
    • New dungeons
    • New areas
    • Three new battlegrounds
    • Introduction of a guild instance
    • Improvements to the profession system
  • Slyco @ 13:08 - 12.06.2012
  • Chapter V of Runes of Magic brings us new pets which are categorized as "Zodiac".  As their name implies, twelve of these exist. Which ones are that? What are they called and what are they good for? We found it out for you already.

    Click "Read more" and choose your new favorite pet.

    [... Read more ...]

  • Yoman @ 18:52 - 08.06.2012
  • We just grabbed 24 new official screenshots out of the E3 press package! We got screens of the new dwarven race and some of the new zones for you !

    What do you think about the screenshots? Leave us a comment!

    You can find the newest pictures (more will be following soon) in our Chapter V-Gallery .

    Click on each picture to view a larger version. Use the arrow keys to navigate between pictures.

    Three Champions

    Dwarven character creation screen

    Three Warlocks

    Dwarven starting area


    Some shots from "Aeternal Circle" in the Ancient Kingdom of Rorazan

    The new high-level zone "Chrysalia", which is next to the Ancient Kingdom of Rorazan

    A new Instance in "Chrysalia"

    RoM-Welten Team

  • Yoman @ 19:56 - 05.06.2012
  • With an impressive cinematic trailer, Frogster have entered the home straight for the release of Runes of Magic: Chapter V – Fires of Shadowforge on 12 June 2012. In a sequence of breathtaking shots, the story of the Shadowforge Dwarves unfolds as the new playable race that lends its name to the chapter. For generations, they lay undiscovered in suspended animation. Now they are set to unleash their magical powers and advanced smithery on the demons of Taborea.

    The Shadowforge Dwarves, who once belonged to the clan of the Fireboot Dwarves, experimented with dark magic and the elements from time immemorial. When a dark magic experiment went terribly wrong, all inhabitants of their underground kingdom were turned to stone. Not until centuries later did the royal reconnaissance patrols discover their dormant bodies and lift the curse plaguing their race. Soon you will be able to create their own Dwarven characters and will have the option of assigning them to two new exclusive classes: the Champion and the Warlock. The Shadowforge Dwarves have slept for long enough; now they must rise to action!

    Frogster is also hosting a special event in the form of a live stream on Thursday, the 7th of June. Anyone interested can tune in via the hosting service own3d.tv from 8pm CEST to watch a group of players take their first steps into the new region. In addition to the new race and its exclusive classes, the new high-level instance, the Aeternal Circle, will also be presented. 

  • Slyco @ 18:43 - 05.06.2012

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