• We have already shown you the skills for the two new classes in Chapter V of Runes of Magic, Warlock and Champion. But as you may have noticed the list was not complete because we've only listed the skills for dwarf-primary combinations like Champion/  X or Warlock/ X. Today's article will be about their skills as secondary classes, X /Champion and X /Warlock.

    Click "Read more" and read about the elite skills for Warlock and Champion as second class.

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  • Keili @ 20:03 - 04.06.2012
  • In less than two weeks, on 12 June, the successful MMORPG Runes of Magic will be expanded with its fifth chapter, Fires of Shadowforge, and the doors will be opened to a surreal and hostile land utterly desolated by firestorms. In the Ancient Kingdom of Rorazan, mechanical golems and spirits go about their dastardly business and players will also find the new high-level instance, the Aeternal Circle, in which four powerful rune guardians challenge the courageous to gruelling battles.


    The Ancient Kingdom of Rorazan is situated in the west of the new continent of Kolydia. For generations, the inhabitants here lived in peace with one another. However, when underlings of the demon mage Maderoth released an elemental being, the King of the Fires, from his centuries-long imprisonment, a violent explosion erupted. The resulting blaze reduced vast expanses into nothing more than wastelands. The only remaining inhabitants now are the spirits, mechanical beings, and fire elementals capable of surviving this burnt terrain.


    In the north of Rorazan, players will find the entrance to the new high-level instance, the Aeternal Circle, available in two different levels of difficulty. Four powerful rune golems have fortified themselves here, and after each boss battle, a riddle will have to be solved before players can teleport into the next area. In the final battle, players will pit themselves with sword, shield, and spell against the Ă¼ber-powerful Da‘dalodin.


    You can find a lot more of what is coming in Chapter V at the new feature page, which you can find at http://www.runesofmagic.com/en/chapter5.html

    More screenshots can be found at our Chapter V - Gallery!

  • Slyco @ 13:49 - 01.06.2012
  • In this issue of our news about Chapter V of Runes of Magic, which already starts in a few days, we'll have a look at the instace "Aeternal Circle".  It is located in the zone "Ancient Kingdom of Rorazan", where the journey through the new continent probably starts. The instance is planned for six players and it's design differs from all previous instances.

    Click "Read more" and have a look what the bosses drop in the instance "Aeternal Circle".

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  • Keili @ 12:41 - 01.06.2012
  • It is done! We proudly present our newest project: RoM-Welten.com

    We've been doing our specials bilingually for the last couple of months after we noticed the increase in visitors from other parts of the world than just Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

    Now it's done and we proudly present our new english edition of RoM-Welten, which is now filled with ... well, all the good stuff we already had done in german. Now it's tailor-made for all the Taboreans out there who are not capable of understandig german and are fed up with putting everything into google translate just to be able to read and understand all of our articles and news. You will find everything on our new site RoM-Welten.com, which can alternatively be reached via rom-welten.de/en/.

    Short overview of what to expect on RoM-Welten.com:

    • A lot of translated news, articles and overviews
    • Completely english site
    • Commentary functionality also for english users

    A little teaser especially for our english and american readers: We've been working on a RoM-Armory replacement for quite some time now and hope to have it finished soon™!

    Should you find any errors or mistakes, be it technical or grammatical ones, tell us.

    We're currently still a bunch of germans without any native english speakers, just trying to do it as good as possible, but we're also just humans, mistakes DO happen  ;-)

    Please use our contact form or drop a mail to rom[at]onlinewelten.com !

    Of course we're looking for editors and translators willing to help us translate all the good stuff from german to english (also vice versa) and, probably even more important for now, redact and correct it

    Just contact one of us either via contact form, email or through the official forums. You can't miss us. ;)

  • Yoman @ 20:00 - 29.05.2012
  • Just a few more weeks until Chapter V of Runes of Magic arrives. And in game first signs of the upcoming expansion are on the way. Strange portals spewing out monsters are appearing in Varanas. You can get a "Crystal Shard" from these mobs. Where do these mobs come from? What is it about with those Crystal Shards ? And most importantly why is this news called  "Chaos Vortex Weapons"?

    You'll get some answers by clicking "

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  • Yoman @ 12:19 - 25.05.2012
  • The new classes, that will be available with Chapter V of Runes of Magic, are still a big secret. We already listed the skills of the Warlock (Harpsyn) and Champion (Psyron) in a previous news. Today we can offer much more information about the skills. What effects will they have? How do their values increase with higher level? You can read all that in this really long news. First we list the Champion-skills, the Warlock-skills will follow soon with all their details.

    Click "Read more" and make yourself familiar with the Champion-skills by now. 

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  • Keili @ 15:32 - 16.05.2012
  • There's a regularity in Runes of Magic. Merchants sell items and stats from the previous instance for gold and Ancient Mementos when a new instance is instruduced. This seems to continue with Chapter V. The price for the items is 700 Ancient Mementos and a variable amount of gold. We can't say, where those merchant can be found, when they appear and how they're called. What we can tell you are the items and the stats.

    Click "Read more" and have a look at the stats for 700 Ancient Mementos.

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  • Keili @ 14:42 - 13.05.2012
  • We're still busy dealing with maps in our news about Chapter V of Runes of Magic. The Minimap of Kingdom of Rorazan is very detailed now and we can show you the instance entraces and provide information about them being 6- or 12-player instances . And ontop of that, we're going to show you some info about additional zones and some really interesting things on the minimap that we discovered.

    Click "Read more" and see for yourself where the instances will be located and what their groupsize is.

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  • Keili @ 17:21 - 02.05.2012
  • We have been able to find quite a few some maps and a bit of information about Chapter V of Runes of Magic already. But: There's always something new waiting to be discovered. In today's news we are able to present to you the official map of "Chaos Vortex: Evil" and another instance map. The maps are spread through several news articles already, so we'll have a short summary at the end of the news.

    Click on "Read more" and take a look at the new maps.

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  • Yoman @ 13:04 - 07.04.2012

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