• Dear RoM-Welten Users,

    We had a lot of changes in the last days at RoM-Welten as you can see e.g. by our domain. We moved to a new host and are only available through our new domains. We're not longer reachable with the domain rom.onlinewelten.com!

    After a long time at OnlineWelten they decided to shut down their fansite section, but as you can see - we are still alive!

    Domains and servers are not for free, so please deactivate AdBlockers for our website and please change all your links and bookmarks, which lead to us. You can hit us only under www.RoM-Welten.com or rather www.RoM-Welten.de/en/ !

    Feel free to contact us: team@rom-welten.de We appreciate your feedback! 

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  • Slyco @ 10:00 am 28.02.2014
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