• Finally, it has arrived: the RoM-Welten database!

    This was a lot of work for Tinsus; but here is is, our new database for Runes of Magic!

    Compare the best weapons, take a look at the latest equipment parts, look up quest details and much more. Sounds exciting? Visit our database!

    This game database for Runes of Magic contains information about almost every type of content the game has to offer. You can search for something specific or discover something new just by looking around the menus and the sortable lists.

    We will improve the database over time and continue to develop it further, but we're also open for your feedback and wishes. Additionally, if you encounter any errors, just report them to us!

    Both feedback and error reporting is ideally done via mail to team@rom-welten.de .

    Alternatively you could try to reach one of us on IRC at  #rom-welten @ OnlineGamesNet, the same IRC network where the official channels for Runes of Magic reside. 

    Have fun browsing around!

    Your RoM-Welten Team!


    PS for our international users:

    For now the database website is only available in German or English (and partly in Polish) - the pure data can be made available in other languages for Runes of Magic too, but we currently do not have the means to fully localize the website itself  to French/Spanish/Italian. If you can live with english navigation menus plus localized item information (including quest texts) we'd be happy to hear about that so please drop us a mail.

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  • Slyco & Yoman @ 03:49 am 13.10.2014
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