• Finally, it has arrived: the RoM-Welten database!

    This was a lot of work for Tinsus; but here is is, our new database for Runes of Magic!

    Compare the best weapons, take a look at the latest equipment parts, look up quest details and much more. Sounds exciting? Visit our database!

    This game database for Runes of Magic contains information about almost every type of content the game has to offer. You can search for something specific or discover something new just by looking around the menus and the sortable lists.

    We will improve the database over time and continue to develop it further, but we're also open for your feedback and wishes. Additionally, if you encounter any errors, just report them to us!

    Both feedback and error reporting is ideally done via mail to team@rom-welten.de .

    Alternatively you could try to reach one of us on IRC at  #rom-welten @ OnlineGamesNet, the same IRC network where the official channels for Runes of Magic reside. 

    Have fun browsing around!

    Your RoM-Welten Team!


    PS for our international users:

    For now the database website is only available in German or English (and partly in Polish) - the pure data can be made available in other languages for Runes of Magic too, but we currently do not have the means to fully localize the website itself  to French/Spanish/Italian. If you can live with english navigation menus plus localized item information (including quest texts) we'd be happy to hear about that so please drop us a mail.

  • Slyco & Yoman @ 03:49 - 13.10.2014


    Patch of Runes of Magic introduced the new zone Jungle of Hortek. With a bit more than one month delay the follow-up Patch now brought the Crafting Festival and also the long awaited next instance, The Pillars of Morfan, got finally opened. Pillars of Morfan can be run in three difficulty modes. Hard mode is made for a raid of 12 players, while normal and easy mode are made for the usual 6 player groups. As always the loot table of the bosses is of great interest since everyone is interested in shiny new items. 

    This way (Pillars of Morfan - Boss Drops)  to our article about the instance drops - which is also permanently available on the main page navigation via Challenge > Instance Boss Drops > Pillars of Morfan and won't vanish from the front page anymore after a couple of news like previous articles did. 

    We've also updated our famous article Monster-Attributes with Patch values for the bosses and elite mobs - an Update to .2707 will follow shortly and has some slight differences.

  • Keili & Yoman @ 07:28 - 27.07.2014
  • As with every patch, Patch 6.0.6 of Runes of Magic brings new goods to the merchants in Varanas and Obsidian Fortress and new merchants in the new zone Wailing Fjord opened their stores. The Ancient Dreamland opened again after a longer break, and merchants trade their goods with players in there. To save you from too much trial and error of finding out who sells what we've once again made a big overview for you.

    Click "Read more" to check out the new goods.

    [... Read more ...]

  • Keili & Yoman & meisjustme @ 16:00 - 28.04.2014
  • They are back! The famous gaming couple, Flo und Andy, who spent a big part of their free time in Taborea was nowhere to be found for a really long time ... but we dug them out again and made a huge archive so you'll finally be able to follow their adventures again . 

    What? You don't even know them? The comic, first released on gamescom 2010, is about the gaming couple Flo & Andy. Flo, who's a zookeeper in real life , trades her real for virtual pets in the evening and roams the world of Runes of Magic as a nature-loving druid. Her boyfriend Andy studies sport sciences and jobs as a bike courier. In contrast to Flo he didn't have any contact with games like Runes of Magic before, something that she wants to change for him now. So our duo lives through new adventures in every single episode, while the experienced Flo has to save Andy more than just once from critical situations, since he sometimes even has a hard time competing with level one monsters.

    All episodes of the comics are available here in our Flo&Andy Comic archive.

    And the best thing about it all? After the project vanished into the darkness of the web, there were two comics left that were yet unreleased - which we are presenting exclusively in cooperation with the creative head behind it, Andreas Völlinger!

    The English archive is currently missing two episodes: #25&#44. We have them readily available in German but not even the author himself could find the english files for now - we're working on it. 

    The same goes for the two previously unreleased episodes #56 - "Guild meeting" and #57 "Heart of the Ocean". These are currently only available in German but it is already being worked on to translate them. A manual translation won't be as smooth as the original texts though ;-) 

    Some comments about the comics, from the author himself, Andreas Völlinger:
    "Flo & Andy" has always been team work. In the beginning a bigger team of the Stenarts studio in Berlin was involved,for a while only Flavia Scuderi and myself created the comics - but also often in coopperation with Luico Leoni als  eine Weile haben nur Flavia Scuderi und ich die Comics kreiert - oft aber auch zusammen mit Lucio Leoni as pre-sketcher and then later with Susanne-Korff-Knoblauch aa Co-author. I did not even know "Runes of Magic" when I was acquired as an author and had to get accustomed to Taborea like every other new player. The early episodes from me therefore have a lot of beginner experiences that I had in them and of course also the beginner-mistakes that I made. Die frühen Folgen aus meiner Feder beinhalten daher auch viele Anfänger-Erfahrungen und -Fehler, die ich gemacht habe. I was particularly happy about the fact that Poffy, the fungus-Pet , which I creeated for Andy, was received so well by the readers and also by Frogster back then, that he actually made it into the game.

    Find the adventures of Flo&Andy in our archive, alternatively here in German. Two older comics are still missing in the English catalogue - we're working on that already. ;-)

    Have a lot of fun with the comics!

    Your RoM-Welten Team & Andreas Völlinger

  • Slyco & Yoman @ 10:00 - 18.04.2014
  • Patch 6.0.6 of Runes of Magic introduced the new zone Wailing Fjord. A week later the new instance, Grotto of Horror, was finally opened. It has again three difficulty modes: easy and normal for 6 players, hard mode for 12 player raids. Now to the interesting part of the instance: The loot!

    Click "Read more" and take a look for yourself at the possible item and stat rewards for defeating the bosses in Grotto of Horror.

    [... Read more ...]

  • Keili & Yoman & meisjustme @ 18:00 - 12.03.2014
  • Dear RoM-Welten Users,

    We had a lot of changes in the last days at RoM-Welten as you can see e.g. by our domain. We moved to a new host and are only available through our new domains. We're not longer reachable with the domain rom.onlinewelten.com!

    After a long time at OnlineWelten they decided to shut down their fansite section, but as you can see - we are still alive!

    Domains and servers are not for free, so please deactivate AdBlockers for our website and please change all your links and bookmarks, which lead to us. You can hit us only under www.RoM-Welten.com or rather www.RoM-Welten.de/en/ !

    Feel free to contact us: team@rom-welten.de We appreciate your feedback! 

  • Slyco @ 10:00 - 28.02.2014
  • Today, Gameforge publishes the successful fantasy MMO Runes of Magic in a fully localised version for the Italian market. At the same time, a dedicated Italian server is being launched. With this, Gameforge continues the free-to-play MMO’s victory march, which celebrated its fourth birthday in March this year. The Italian version joins the current language versions of German, English, French, Spanish and Polish.

    Taborea awaits new warriors

    Free-to-play MMO Runes of Magic is one of the most successful games of its genre – the world of Taborea is already home to 12 million created characters. Runes of Magic takes players on an epic journey, guaranteeing players endless hours of gripping adventure. In over 5,500 quests, brave fighters defy danger, visit countless dungeons and explore the fantasy world on their mounts.

    The innovative multiple class system is praised by players and critics alike. It offers gamers the chance to combine up to three classes in one character, thereby creating a completely individual hero. Runes of Magic is made whole by its complex crafting system, multitude of skills and challenging instances of various difficulty levels. Outside of combat there is also plenty to do for the heroes of Taborea: they can furnish their own houses, look after their pets and pit themselves against other players in fun minigames.

    Localization complete: i’s dotted and t’s crossed

    For over a year, eight translators were entrusted with the localization work and have adapted all the content, right up to the finest detail, for their native language: during the time-consuming localization process, around 5,500 quests, over 6,000 monster names and a total of 1.85 million words were translated. This then offers Italian players the best possible gaming experience.

    Upon the game’s release in Italy, a dedicated server is also going live – however playing on this server is voluntary. Italians can also log in on a server with a different language and, for example, play with English players – yet all texts and screen displays will remain in Italian.

    “It couldn’t have worked out any better for Runes of Magic. Recently we popped open the champagne to celebrate the game’s four year anniversary and now we’re thrilled that Italian players can also start enjoying one of the most successful MMOs on the market,” said Steffen Ramm, Product Director of Runes of Magic.

    Runes of Magic – a success story

    Runes of Magic has been continually developed since its launch in 2009. A total of 50 larger updates have been published to date. This is set to continue in future as well, with plans for the game to be regularly enhanced with new content. All previously released updates are also available in Italian. The hard work has certainly paid off: over the years Runes of Magic has won various awards, including the GameStar Award for outstanding price-performance ratio, the Gamona Reader Award in the “Best MMORPG” category and third place in the categories “Most Classic MMO” and “Favorite MMO” at mmosite.com’s Readers’ Choice Awards.

    Interested players can register now on http://it.runesofmagic.gameforge.com/user/register , download the client and dive into the fantasy world, all completely free of charge.

    About Runes of Magic

    With its impressive range of features, Runes of Magic has been redefining the standard of free-to-play MMORPGs since 2009. The online role-playing game presents a multilayered background story embedded in the elaborate fantasy world of Taborea with over 5,000 quests. Players select their primary character class out of ten possible options, and then take on two additional classes, learning different elite skills for each individual class combination. Runes of Magic offers three playable races: the Elves, the Humans and the Shadowforge Dwarves, and players can highly customise the appearance of the character that will represent them in-game. Players also maintain a virtual home, which they can personalise with a broad selection of furniture and other practical items. In organised guilds, players have the opportunity to establish their own guild castle, which they can upgrade with additional buildings as well as powerful siege weapons to be used in thrilling guild wars. Thanks to exciting PvP content such as arenas and battlefields, the flexible and comprehensive user interface which can be adapted to any playing style, a wide array of challenging dungeons and many other features, Runes of Magic captivates all kinds of players. Now with over 8 million registered users, Runes of Magic is one of the most popular and successful free-to-play MMORPGs on the market.

  • Slyco @ 11:23 - 31.10.2013
  • Patch 6.0.2 of Runes of Magic introduced the new zone Sarlo. With a new zone there's always also a new instance. This time: Belathis Fortress. You can choose between three difficulties for Belathis Fortress: hard - made for a 12-player raid; normal and easy modes are made for 6 players each. But the interesting question is: What's the loot?

    Click "Read more" and take a look for yourself at the possible item and stat rewards for defeating the bosses in Belathis Fortress.

    [... Read more ...]

  • Keili & Yoman & meisjustme @ 07:00 - 24.09.2013

    As with every patch, Patch 6.0.2 of Runes of Magic brings new goods to the merchants in Varanas and Obsidian Fortress and new merchants in the new zone Sarlo opened their stores. To save you from too much trial and error of finding out who sells what we've once again made a big overview for you. 

    Click "Read more" to check out the new goods.

    [... Read more ...]

  • Keili & Yoman & meisjustme @ 07:00 - 24.09.2013
  • On Saturday, 27.07.2013 our new Product Community Manager "ThePit" hosted a TeamSpeak meeting with the guilds of Taborea. ThePit and around 150 guild leaders or representatives mostly from the German community attented the meeting, plus some more Gameforge employees and Mentors. You can find a detailed summary of the first 45minutes - which is the speech of ThePit - in our news Meeting of Product CM ThePit with the guilds of Taborea. Here in this news you can find the whole TeamSpeak meeting including the feedback and questions part of the guild representatives for download and listening if you are able to understand German. All the MP3 files together form a complete recording of the meeting without a gap. Furthermore you can find a rough list of all topics which have been mentioned by the guild representatives.

    [... Read more ...]

  • meisjustme @ 17:00 - 10.08.2013

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