Mana Stone Calculator

In Runes of Magic the „tiering“ is the most effective way to gear up your weapon, but it's also the most complex one. The Mana Stone Calculator should help you to find out how many items and charges are required and how much it will cost.

The best initial item is the Recall Belt (cloth), sold by NPC Cholman Hooktail at the Fierce Fang Front Line in Sarlo or by NPC Didide Spiderfoot at the Muckgale Port in Wailing Fjord. It is possible to fill in 0 gold as price for the initial item, which would mean that the the items were looted and not purchased.


Number of Mana Stones desired
Tier of the desired Mana Stones
Tier of the initial item¹
Costs of one initial item¹
Costs of one Fusion Stone²
Gold/Diamond Rate
Costs of the Arcane Charges
 10 Charges for 9 Diamonds
 50 Charges for 45 Diamonds
 Charges for  Diamonds
 10 Charges for 100 Phirius Token Coins
 1 Charges for 30 Phirius Token Coins
 Charges for  Phirius Token Coins
 calculate Charges in complete packages³


¹ Tier and price of "Recall Belt" (cloth) of NPC "Cholman Hooktail" (Sarlo) or NPC "Didide Spiderfoot" (Wailing Fjord)
² Price of a Random Fusion Stone
³ The number of Charges is rounded up to the package size. That means if 126 Charges are required, the price will be calculated for 150 Charges.