Rune Compendium

The Rune Compendium is a tool that helps you to get the best runes for your equipment. It's seperated in three parts: the Rune List, the Rune Overview and the Rune Combination. With the Rune List you can find out which runes fit your class, compare their values with the Rune Overview and finally decide how to create the runes with the Rune Combination.

How to use it:

  • Click on a runes' name to split the rune.
  • Click on the -Icon to split the rune up to the level 0 runes.
  • Click on the -Icon to switch between the different types of combination
  • If more than two runes are added a little overview of all the required components and Arcane Charges will appear on the bottom of the page.


The first Attribute Filter defines the attributes that the runes are allowed to have.
The second Attribute Filter defines the attributes the runes must have.
With OR you can decide whether the attributes are connected with a logical OR or with a logical AND. For example if Stamina and Wisdom are selected, a rune must have both Stamina and Wisdom or Stamina or Wisdom.