Flo & Andy – The Comic is back!


Flo & Andy – The Comic is back!

They are back! The famous gaming couple, Flo und Andy, who spent a big part of their free time in Taborea was nowhere to be found for a really long time … but we dug them out again and made a huge archive so you'll finally be able to follow their adventures again . 

What? You don't even know them? The comic, first released on gamescom 2010, is about the gaming couple Flo & Andy. Flo, who's a zookeeper in real life , trades her real for virtual pets in the evening and roams the world of Runes of Magic as a nature-loving druid. Her boyfriend Andy studies sport sciences and jobs as a bike courier. In contrast to Flo he didn't have any contact with games like Runes of Magic before, something that she wants to change for him now. So our duo lives through new adventures in every single episode, while the experienced Flo has to save Andy more than just once from critical situations, since he sometimes even has a hard time competing with level one monsters.

All episodes of the comics are available here in our Flo&Andy Comic archive.

And the best thing about it all? After the project vanished into the darkness of the web, there were two comics left that were yet unreleased – which we are presenting exclusively in cooperation with the creative head behind it, Andreas Völlinger!

The English archive is currently missing two episodes: #25&#44. We have them readily available in German but not even the author himself could find the english files for now – we're working on it. 

The same goes for the two previously unreleased episodes #56 – "Guild meeting" and #57 "Heart of the Ocean". These are currently only available in German but it is already being worked on to translate them. A manual translation won't be as smooth as the original texts though 😉 

Some comments about the comics, from the author himself, Andreas Völlinger:
"Flo & Andy" has always been team work. In the beginning a bigger team of the Stenarts studio in Berlin was involved,for a while only Flavia Scuderi and myself created the comics – but also often in coopperation with Luico Leoni als  eine Weile haben nur Flavia Scuderi und ich die Comics kreiert – oft aber auch zusammen mit Lucio Leoni as pre-sketcher and then later with Susanne-Korff-Knoblauch aa Co-author. I did not even know "Runes of Magic" when I was acquired as an author and had to get accustomed to Taborea like every other new player. The early episodes from me therefore have a lot of beginner experiences that I had in them and of course also the beginner-mistakes that I made. Die frühen Folgen aus meiner Feder beinhalten daher auch viele Anfänger-Erfahrungen und -Fehler, die ich gemacht habe. I was particularly happy about the fact that Poffy, the fungus-Pet , which I creeated for Andy, was received so well by the readers and also by Frogster back then, that he actually made it into the game.

Find the adventures of Flo&Andy in our archive, alternatively here in German. Two older comics are still missing in the English catalogue – we're working on that already. 😉

Have a lot of fun with the comics!

Your RoM-Welten Team & Andreas Völlinger