[Patch 6.1] Pillars of Morfan Boss-Drops


[Patch 6.1] Pillars of Morfan Boss-Drops



Patch of Runes of Magic introduced the new zone Jungle of Hortek. With a bit more than one month delay the follow-up Patch now brought the Crafting Festival and also the long awaited next instance, The Pillars of Morfan, got finally opened. Pillars of Morfan can be run in three difficulty modes. Hard mode is made for a raid of 12 players, while normal and easy mode are made for the usual 6 player groups. As always the loot table of the bosses is of great interest since everyone is interested in shiny new items. 

This way (Pillars of Morfan – Boss Drops)  to our article about the instance drops – which is also permanently available on the main page navigation via Challenge > Instance Boss Drops > Pillars of Morfan and won't vanish from the front page anymore after a couple of news like previous articles did. 

We've also updated our famous article Monster-Attributes with Patch values for the bosses and elite mobs – an Update to .2707 will follow shortly and has some slight differences.