Runes of Magic captures Italy


Runes of Magic captures Italy

Today, Gameforge publishes the successful fantasy MMO Runes of Magic in a fully localised version for the Italian market. At the same time, a dedicated Italian server is being launched. With this, Gameforge continues the free-to-play MMO’s victory march, which celebrated its fourth birthday in March this year. The Italian version joins the current language versions of German, English, French, Spanish and Polish.

Taborea awaits new warriors

Free-to-play MMO Runes of Magic is one of the most successful games of its genre – the world of Taborea is already home to 12 million created characters. Runes of Magic takes players on an epic journey, guaranteeing players endless hours of gripping adventure. In over 5,500 quests, brave fighters defy danger, visit countless dungeons and explore the fantasy world on their mounts.

The innovative multiple class system is praised by players and critics alike. It offers gamers the chance to combine up to three classes in one character, thereby creating a completely individual hero. Runes of Magic is made whole by its complex crafting system, multitude of skills and challenging instances of various difficulty levels. Outside of combat there is also plenty to do for the heroes of Taborea: they can furnish their own houses, look after their pets and pit themselves against other players in fun minigames.

Localization complete: i’s dotted and t’s crossed

For over a year, eight translators were entrusted with the localization work and have adapted all the content, right up to the finest detail, for their native language: during the time-consuming localization process, around 5,500 quests, over 6,000 monster names and a total of 1.85 million words were translated. This then offers Italian players the best possible gaming experience.

Upon the game’s release in Italy, a dedicated server is also going live – however playing on this server is voluntary. Italians can also log in on a server with a different language and, for example, play with English players – yet all texts and screen displays will remain in Italian.

“It couldn’t have worked out any better for Runes of Magic. Recently we popped open the champagne to celebrate the game’s four year anniversary and now we’re thrilled that Italian players can also start enjoying one of the most successful MMOs on the market,” said Steffen Ramm, Product Director of Runes of Magic.

Runes of Magic – a success story

Runes of Magic has been continually developed since its launch in 2009. A total of 50 larger updates have been published to date. This is set to continue in future as well, with plans for the game to be regularly enhanced with new content. All previously released updates are also available in Italian. The hard work has certainly paid off: over the years Runes of Magic has won various awards, including the GameStar Award for outstanding price-performance ratio, the Gamona Reader Award in the “Best MMORPG” category and third place in the categories “Most Classic MMO” and “Favorite MMO” at’s Readers’ Choice Awards.

Interested players can register now on , download the client and dive into the fantasy world, all completely free of charge.

About Runes of Magic

With its impressive range of features, Runes of Magic has been redefining the standard of free-to-play MMORPGs since 2009. The online role-playing game presents a multilayered background story embedded in the elaborate fantasy world of Taborea with over 5,000 quests. Players select their primary character class out of ten possible options, and then take on two additional classes, learning different elite skills for each individual class combination. Runes of Magic offers three playable races: the Elves, the Humans and the Shadowforge Dwarves, and players can highly customise the appearance of the character that will represent them in-game. Players also maintain a virtual home, which they can personalise with a broad selection of furniture and other practical items. In organised guilds, players have the opportunity to establish their own guild castle, which they can upgrade with additional buildings as well as powerful siege weapons to be used in thrilling guild wars. Thanks to exciting PvP content such as arenas and battlefields, the flexible and comprehensive user interface which can be adapted to any playing style, a wide array of challenging dungeons and many other features, Runes of Magic captivates all kinds of players. Now with over 8 million registered users, Runes of Magic is one of the most popular and successful free-to-play MMORPGs on the market.